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Finding the Greenest Televisions

Looking for the greenest television set? We've had to sort through a complex set of resources in the past to help you buy that green TV. EPEAT added televisions to its equipment registry in early 2013. We had anticipated this would bring some clarity to this category, but manufacturers do not appear to be embracing it. There are only 120+ television monitors registered at any level, compared with 660+ computer monitors.

Finding the Greenest Computer Monitors

Green-certified computer displays are now too numerous to list in table format. Here are where to find them:

Finding the Greenest Printers

Four manufactures offer almost 70 EPEAT Gold models in the United States. This is a huge improvement over a year ago.

Finding the Greenest Notebooks

The EPEAT Gold database includes over 530 models for the US; Samsung, Sony and Toshiba offer the most. Acer is the newest addition to EPEAT Gold notebooks; Sony's notebooks are now only Silver.

Finding the Greenest Desktops and Workstations

Eleven manufacturers are offering over 230 models of desktops and workstations in the EPEAT Gold database. Dell, HP, and Lenovo offer the most choices; Toshiba is the latest to have products on one of these green rankings.

Green ICT Conferences

Upcoming Green ICT conferences and workshops around the world. We just added a 2014 event in Korea. We have also included links to past conferences to aid your search for Green ICT materials.

Quiz: Which region has the most Green ICT conferences?

Conflict Minerals and the Hidden Cost of e-Devices

Our e-devices contain all sorts of exotic materials, many of which, like tungsten, tantalum, and tin, are refined from ores that originate in Central Africa. Called "conflict minerals", they fund warfare in the Congo and neighboring countries. More people are said have been killed here than any conflict since World War Two. A recent court decision has potentially weakened an American law requiring companies to disclose conflict minerals content.

The Dematerialization of Movie Film

Dematerialization refers to the reduction in the quantity of materials required to accomplish a function in society. In sustainability terms, dematerialization refers to the replacement of a high-carbon activity with a lower-carbon one. ICT has become a powerful dematerialization force, evidenced, for example, by how it has replaced physical mail with electronic mail. The US theatrical release of a major motion picture only in digital marks another phase in media dematerialization.

What Is Attached to Our Global ICT Infrastructure?

How much gear is attached to the edges of our global ICT infrastructure? Our 2014 estimate is over 19 billion items. This up ~1 billion over 2013. The increase is driven by mobile and consumer media devices, but we are constantly adding new categories like wearable devices. We will update this table as new information comes in over the course of the year.

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