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Green ICT Conferences

Upcoming Green ICT conferences and workshops around the world. We just added information about events in Valencia, Hangzhou and Split.

We have also included links to past conferences to aid your search for Green ICT materials.

Quiz: Which region has the most Green ICT conferences?

"Green ICT– Bigger Than We Ever Imagined"
Reference information from Matt Peterson's keynote at GSICT 2015

Global Green ICT Update: Americas

Updates from the Americas (ex-USA). Click here for regional Green ICT updates from around the globe. Click on 'Americas' tag above for all news about the region.

Green ICT and Sustainability Certification

A colleague in the financial services sector asked me about the integration of Green ICT into a taxonomy for sustainability certification.

My experience with taxonomies, particularly as founder of a business information company, has given me a crucial insight. Thoughtful construction up-front is the most beneficial, and the most neglected, aspect of taxonomy applications With that in mind, here are two key considerations for a successful Green ICT taxonomy implementation.

Green Bonds for Green ICT

Apple recently issued a "Green Bond". What is this new kind of debt instrument and how might it propel Green ICT?

The Software Side of Green ICT

Most Green ICT efforts focus on hardware. That make sense, because hardware lifecycles encompass everything from environmentally responsible sourcing of its raw materials through energy efficiency of its use to sustainable disposal at its end-of-life. Special utility software such as desktop power-saving plays a central role in Green ICT, but less attention has been given to the application and system software in the gear, itself.

Personal Solar for Devices in the Backcountry

I don't go into the backcountry device-free. A smartphone, with backcountry GPS software, and a digital camera are always with me. An upcoming 11-day rafting/hiking trip through the Grand Canyon raised the issue of how to power my gear. I decided to go solar to minimize battery consumption. A recent week in the Mojave desert (right) gave me a chance to sort out candidate devices and to configure a compact but workable system.

Apple Issues a Green Bond

Vertatique has covered much innovation in Green ICT technology and practices. Now, we get to look at green ICT financing as Apple issues a Green Bond.

Apple announced the $1.5 billion debt instrument in a February 2016 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the the American regulatory agency for such matters. Apple's SEC filing contains interesting about the concept of a Green bond and the company's planned use of proceeds. We will exerpt it here, because this information is buried in a very lengthy technical document.

Europe Leads Green IT Conferences

The number of Green ICT conferences and workshops declined in 2015 to the lowest level in three years. Europe continues to host the more events than do other regions.

The original directory of upcoming and past Green IT conferences is now the Green ICT Conference Directory. We did this because of the increasing number that include or focus on sustainability in communications - the "C" in Green ICT

GSICT 2015

GSICT is the first IEEE International Workshop on Green Standardizations and Industry Issues for ICT and Relevant Technologies, held in conjunction with IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM). GSICT was organized by Dr. Jinsong Wu of the University of Chile.

Here is the source material for Matt Peterson's keynote talk at GSICT.

How Much ICT E-Waste?

Click on the "recycle" tag, above, and you will find all sorts of information about ICT's contribution to the global e-waste stream. Exactly how large is this contribution? It appears ICT gear only contributes about a quarter of the e-waste stream.

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