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Green ICT Conferences

Upcoming Green ICT conferences and workshops around the world. We just added a 2014 event in Raleigh, United States and a 2015 event in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

We have also included links to past conferences to aid your search for Green ICT materials.

Quiz: Which region has the most Green ICT conferences?

Cold Storage Can Be Green Data Storage

Disk-based data storage, which can cost an organization $25/GB/month, offers Green ICT opportunities. We been tracking how people are reducing the impact of disk storage. This post looks at alternatives to disk storage for rarely used, event-driven data. This is known as Tier-3 storage and is particularly suited for 'offline' or 'cold' storage.

Green ICT in Government

Government entities have an important role to play in encouraging sustainable ICT across all industries. Effective leadership requires internal implementation, as well. The tag at the top of this post - government - helps you easily locate posts containing opportunities for and applications of Green ICT in government operations. (Green ICT in public education is found through the education tag.) Our latest update to this post is about new opportuities for sustainable purchasing in the the European public sector.

Global Green ICT Update: Asia-Pacific

Updates from Asia-Pacific. Click here for regional Green ICT updates from around the globe. Click on 'Asia-Pac' tag above for all news about the region. (Information about the ICT implications of Japan's earthquake and tsunami have been moved to its own post.) Our latest post looks as the challenges of tracking sustaining Green ICT initiatives in the region.

The Growth in Global Telecom GHG Emissions

Vertatique strives to cover the CT, as well as the IT, in Green ICT, with attention to networking, broadcast, telephony, and other communications infrastructure elements. Even before the smartphone explosion, the IEEE's GreenCom'09 conference noted: "Data rates in wired and wireless networks are driven by "Moore's Law" and are thus rising by a factor of roughly 10 every 5 years.

The Water Footprint of ICT

Green ICT is concerned with all resources consumed in creating e-gear and operating ICT infrastructures. Significant amounts of water are used in everything from chip fabrication to PC manufacture to data center operation. This makes ICT vulnerable to droughts and other constraints. It has also dragged ICT water use into the political arena.

Sustainable Healthcare

The healthcare, like most industries, has seen seen its electronic technologies become ICT technologies. Medical facilities are ICT facilities and much medical gear is ICT gear. That's consistent with our inclusive definition of Green ICT. Here are some industry initiatives having an impact:

Finding the Greenest Desktops and Workstations

Eleven manufacturers are offering over 230 models of desktops and workstations in the EPEAT USA Gold database. Dell, HP, and Lenovo offer the most choices. Sweden's TCO Development certified 80 products - Lenovo offers the most models.

Finding the Greenest Notebooks

The EPEAT Gold database includes over 530 models for the US; Samsung and Toshiba offer the most. Acer is the newest addition to EPEAT Gold notebooks; Sony's notebooks are now only Silver. Lenovo and Samsung offer the most models under Sweden's TCO Development standards.

Finding the Greenest Tablets

We could find only one green certification program in our search for the greenest tablets.

Sweden's TCO certifies 5 model lines of Samsung tablets. There is no way of telling if other vendors' products failed certification or if, as TCO claimed about Apple in February 2014, the manufacturer declines to participate. TCO certification includes social as well as environmental criteria.

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