Greener Packaging for ICT Gear

ICT gear has relied heavily on polystyrene foam packaging, often called 'styrofoam'. Polystyrene is essentially non-biodegradable and rarely recycled. Creative alternatives are beginning to emerge.

Dell has a pilot project to recycle waste plastic from oceans. "... we are creating the first commercial-scale global ocean-bound plastics supply chain. We are processing plastics collected from beaches, waterways and coastal areas and using them as part of a new packaging system for the XPS 13 2-In-1 laptop globally. This initial pilot project will start by keeping 16,000 pounds of plastics out of the ocean...Dell mixes the ocean-bound plastics with other recycled HDPE plastics in a 1:3 ratio...The resin is made entirely from recycled-content plastics, 25% being ocean plastics...The mix is then molded into trays that get stamped with the illustration and the #2 recycling symbol."

Dell's program won an Eco-Design and Sustainable Technologies Award at CES 2018.


I recently purchased an EPEAT Gold monitor made by Dell and shipped to my office by Amazon. The monitor arrived in perfect shape, despite no styrofoam. Not only did the cardboard packaging protect the components well, but is a structural treat.

BTW, we previously reported on a company that makes computer housings out of cardboard.

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