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Global Green ICT Update: Asia-Pacific

Updates from Asia-Pacific. Click here for regional Green ICT updates from around the globe. Click on 'Asia-Pac' tag above for all news about the region. (Information about the ICT implications of Japan's earthquake and tsunami have been moved to its own post.) Our latest item looks at the e-waste management markets in India and in China.

"Energy Harvesting" Powers Small Wireless Devices

We first noted the potential of "energy harvesting" to power devices without conventional batteries or grid connections three years ago. 2013 research shows the "Ambient Energy Harvesters" (AEH) market now growing at a CAGR of 17%. Some wearable tech incorporates AEH and AEH can mitigate the environmental impact of the Internet of Things (IoT). These applications, which could significantly reduce IoT's battery e-waste stream, will likely accelerate the market.

ICT's Potential to Reduce GHG Still Outweighs Its Own Emmissions

We noted in a 2008 post about the SMART 2020 report that while ICT emits GHGs, its potential to reduce them in other sectors was 5X greater. Now, a follow-up report - SMARTEer2020 - calculates ICT's leverage at 7X.

Broadband Access Can Drive Citizen Participation in the Smart Grid

One of the six goals in the US National Broadband Plan (NBP) is

Goal No. 6: To ensure that America leads in the clean energy economy, every American should be able to use broadband to track and manage their real-time energy consumption.

#MadFiber Support

Vertatique's video in support of #MadFiber community response to Google Fiber RFI

The Role of ICT in CleanTech

Clean Tech is technology that reduces the consumption of resources (like energy) and the emission of toxins (like CO2e).

All aspects of Clean Tech will depend on ICT - information and communications technology. You can see below some of ICT's potential across a spectrum of Clean Tech applications.

It is important that the huge growth of the ICT infrastructures necessary to do all this are as sustainable as possible. Clean Tech needs Green ICT to stay clean, itself.

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