Gartner's Vanishing Green ICT Awards

Gartner, the ICT research and advisory company, got off to an early start in Green ICT recognition with two events in 2010. Since then, the organization appears to have dropped its focus on recognizing sustainable ICT.

Gartner Finalists for the inaugural 2010 Green Data Centre Award for Asia Pacific were CLP Power Hong Kong Limited, Insurance Australia Group Limited, and Reliance Communications (India). CLP Power won the award. "CLP’s IT department aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 15 percent within five years whilst continuing to expand the business in the region…CLP Power recently completed an in situ upgrade of a Hong Kong data centre, reducing the space required from 7,000 to 4,000 square feet and saving 1,000,000 kilowatt hours annually, representing 600,000kg of CO2 emissions."

This award appears to have been discontinued after its first year. This leave's Hong Kong's Green ICT Awards, started in 2011, the oldest ongoing recognition program in Asia.

Gartner Finalists for the inaugural 2010 Green Data Center Excellence Awards for Europe, Africa and Middle East were Daimler AG, Renault F1 and Hillingdon Council. Daimler AG was the winner. "Daimler stood out because its project combined scale and an approach that had been ingrained into the organization, with clear metrics to demonstrate success and a significantly wide scope to their initiatives…We also recognized ingenuity in using alternative energy sources around the management of Data Centers."

This award appears to have vanished after its first year, as well.

Gartner announced in January 2012 that it was seeking nominations for its 2012 Futuristic Data Center Design Excellence Awards in Asia Pacific. Its press release cited "green IT initiatives" as as one of the drivers of "constant facilities changes in the modern data center." "Environmentally sustainable power and cooling technologies and management" and "New and visionary approaches to traditional design principles such as...ambient temperatures and leverage of non-standard power and cooling" were among the innovations being sought.

The awards were going to be presented at the Gartner Infrastructure, Operations & Data Center Summit in Sydney during March 2012, but were never awarded. Gartner tells me that the awards were cancelled because the organizers did not receive sufficient entries that qualified.

Gartner appears to have never offered Green ICT recognition in the Americas.

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