The Green Grid

The Green Grid is a "consortium of information technology companies and professionals seeking to lower the overall consumption of power in data centers around the globe." The Green Grid has been a valuable resource in the effort to improve data center energy efficiency, but recent changes in management and mission still fall short of a comprehensive vision of sustainable ICT.

The Green Grid announced today that "the organization is expanding its focus and deliverables to address growing industry trends towards the sustainability and resource efficiency of information technology." Does this really mean that it will expand its focus beyond the data center into the full spectrum of ICT sustainability?

The press release appears to signal that the Green Grid will be retain its traditional focus on the data center, at least in the short run. The release is titled "The Green Grid Broadens Focus To Data Center Sustainability" and it says its upcoming meeting "will provide more detail on how the organization helps data center operators more efficiently use resources such as energy, carbon, and water." (Emphasis mine in both quotes.) No mention of ICT facilities other than data centers, no mention of network and communications infrastructures or edge gear, and no mention of ICT equipment life cycles, including embodied carbon, toxins, or conflict minerals. This is all critical to a comprehensive implementation of sustainable ICT, particularly since the majority of ICT resource consumption and toxin emissions occurs outside of the data center.

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