Green ICT Book Reviews

We've identified over a dozen books on Green ICT topics. Which are right for you? Surprisingly, most aren't reviewed outside of bookseller sites. We're researching industry sites and plan to post a new review each time we discover one. (Updated 2009.09.20)

Green IT in Practice: How One Company is Approaching the Greening of its IT
by Gary Hird

"There has been a flood of books on Green IT but most fail to get the pitch right: they are either too simplistic or become bogged down in the technologies, issues and science. Gary Hird’s short book is a valuable, clear primer, based on real experience."
Information Age, Aug 09
The Green and Virtual Data Center
by Greg Schulz

"The book is extremely well organized and easy to follow. Each chapter has a very good introduction and comprehensive summary. This book could easily serve as a blueprint for organizations to follow when they look for ideas on how to design new data centers. It's a great addition to an IT Bookshelf."
Computer Measurement Group, Apr 09
Grow a Greener Data Center: A guide to building and operating energy-efficient, ecologically sensitive server environments
by Douglas Alger

"...serves as a comprehensive introduction to the issues of data center design, build and operation. It will also interest those with a non-technical interest in data centers, since it discusses the legislative, environmental and social context of data center provides a guide to ‘greening’ the data center across all areas of technology and management."
Datacenter Dynamics, Jul 09
Green IT For Dummies
by Carol Baroudi, et al.

"Before purchasing IT equipment companies can follow a checklist for buying green IT...This helpful little book – only 28 pages long – provides easy to understand and easy to implement green tips for information technology departments.", Apr 09

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