Green IT: Clever Marketing or the Real Thing?

This question is the title of a recent story in CIO Insight. The article opens:

"Green IT" lets companies put on their eco-friendly faces and proclaim their love of the environment. It is also a bean counter's dream, in which innovative uses of hardware and software drive down energy and infrastructure costs. But is the former just clever marketing to wrap around the latter, which includes initiatives businesses would be taking anyway?

My immediate reaction: "Does it really matter?" . . .

After all, alignment with sound business strategy, national fiscal prudence, and wise foreign policy is what moves sustainability from an eco-niche to the mainstream of thought and practice.

I was please to set the author reached the same conclusion at the end of the article.

. . . these fresh initiatives are in large part driven by interest in a different kind of green, with ecofriendliness just a happy byproduct. But in the end, that's not a bad thing or even a cynical ploy. After all, doing good while doing well is a worthy goal for any company.