Green ICT in China Webinar

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Hong Kong's Green ICT Consortium Combines the Local with the Global

The growing importance of Green ICT in China was highlighted November 2010 by the establishment of Hong Kong's Green ICT Consortium The Consortium defines its role as "promoting Green ICT technologies and measures for improving its operational efficiency as well as promoting an environmentally responsible and sustainable culture to our society. The Consortium will establish a close collaboration with the Government in developing Green ICT strategic plans and be a part of the vanguard in creating a local Green ICT culture." Its broader vision is global, not just local.

Points 3 and 4 of the Green ICT Consortium's mission statement clearly present this broader perspective:

1. To improve the operational efficiency of ICT enterprises;
2. To promote green ICT among ICT industry and enterprises;
3. To create opportunities for the ICT industry; and
4. To enhance the overall and long-term competitiveness of Hong Kong in the global market through green ICT.

If successful, this integration of local and global objectives could prove to be a useful model for other city and regional Greet ICT efforts.