ICT Carbon Emissions Greater Than That of Most Countries (update 1)

The case for sustainable ICT continues strengthens as the ICT industry grows. ICT carbon emissions now appear to be greater than those of most countries.

Vertatique launched citing a early 2007 LBNL study reporting that both U.S. and worldwide server energy consumption had doubled in the past 5 years and U.S. consumption equaled that of color TVs. Almost two years later, McKinsey and Co. report calculates that "the world's . . . data center emissions [are] now approaching those of countries such as Argentina or the Netherlands." The report continues "Without efforts to curb [electricity] demand, current projections show worldwide carbon emissions from data centers will quadruple by 2020."

McKinsey puts data center carbon emissions at 0.5% of the world's annual total. Gartner calculates total ICT emissions at 2% of the total. This means that total ICT emissions exceed those of any of the worlds 200+ countries except for the top 8. Put another way, the 2% figure means that total ICT emissions equal the combined total emissions of ~130 countries.