Green ICT in China Webinar

Presentation Source Links

Intel White Paper: Useful Resource for Solar-Powered ICT in Remote Areas

Intel's white paper Solar Power for PC Deployments: Enabling ICT Beyond the Grid is a clear and consise overview of how to calculate solar capacity for off-grid ICT. The methodology is illustrated with a case study about creating a solar-powered computer lab for a school in rural Bangladesh.

The paper also contains a short case study about using solar to power 'information boats' - "floating telecenters [that] offer critical ICT services that were previously not easily available.
This includes digital photo services with instant printing, video phone service via Skype*, ICT training, and TV viewing." Intel and CARE partnered to replace boat's gasoline generators with solar panels, delivering cleaner power and more service hours per day.

Click on the "dev-econ" link, above, to read more about #GreenICT for #ICT4D.