Newsweek's Green Rankings 2009: Tech Up, e-Media Down

Newsweek has released its Green Rankings 2009. It provides a rank for each the 500 largest US companies and a "Green Score" normalized to a 100-1 scale. How did companies in industries of interest stack up?

Four of the five top 5 companies are in the technology sector: Hewlett-Packard (#1 @ 100.00), Dell (#2 @ 98.87), Intel (#4 @ 95.12), and IBM (#5 @ 94.08) All told, technology dominated the top 20 with 11 positions; no other sector had more than 3. (Rankings for all 53 tech companies.)

Newsweek groups "Media, Travel, Leisure" companies into one sector. The only companies active in e-media in the sector's Top 10 were Walt Disney (#34 @ 83.51), McGraw-Hill (#64 @ 79.84) and Time Warner (#87 @ 78.24). None of Newsweek's capsule summaries of these companies' green actions mentioned their e-media divisions. Most media companies fell in the bottom third of the 35-company category and in the bottom half of the rankings overall. This lackluster showing for the media sector is unfortunately consistent with other recent rankings.

Newsweek classifies General Electric, which owns 80% of NBC/Universal, in the "General Industrial" sector. GE (@ 78.67) ranked 82/500 overall and 5/28 in its sector, but Newsweek does not cite its media holdings as contributing to its green standing.

Newsweek published a substantial article about its methodology for those interested in the details.