Designed For The Dump

"Designed for the Dump" is the theme of The Story of Electronics, a cartoon from the The Story of Stuff Project and the Electronics Takeback Coalition. The video is a breezy but comprehensive tour of the issues inherent in the lifecycles of our e-gear. It would be a good starting point for Green ICT professionals to educate non-technical audiences. Take a look.

The Unchained Goddess: Frank Capra's 1958 Global Warming Short

This 1958 short film by acclaimed director Frank Capra anticipates in its 79 seconds many visual elements now familiar from today's media.

#MadFiber Support

Vertatique's video in support of #MadFiber community response to Google Fiber RFI

IT Innovation and Compartmentalizing Sustainability

Ann Livermore, executive vice president of Hewlett-Packard's Technology Solutions Group, said in a recent Harvard Business podcast that IT organizations spend 70% of their budgets "just running stuff" and 30% on innovation. Observing that 40% of companies in the top quartile of their industries can loose their leadership positions during a recession,

Media Facilities Go Green with LEED

We're seeing a number of media facilities, an important part of ICT, pursuing LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, including Plymouth Rock Studios, Second Line Stages, and The Weather Channel.

Green ICT Videos: 2007-2009

Sonic Foundry's Green Streaming: How Rich Media Can Help Your Organization Achieve Its Sustainability Goals (2009)

IBM's Green IT video. Youtube offers two version, long [10:29] and short [4:09] (2007)

eWeek's Getting to Green IT (2007) Reuters' report on the Climate Savers Computing Initiative (2007)

Telling the Green ICT Story

Readers who have followed Vertatique since 2007 know that I find the photographs of and film about Edward Burtynsky make compelling arguments for getting a handle on our e-waste/cyberwaste stream. I was reminded of this by the reaction his story and work always receive when I talk about Green ICT.

Beyond Green ICT

An article in the McKinsey Quarterly argues that ICT can enable enough energy efficiency and carbon reduction to more than offset ICT's growth. "An analysis of five groups of abatement opportunities finds that such technologies could help to eliminate 7.8 metric gigatons of greenhouse gas emissions annually by 2020 [chart to right]—equivalent to 15 percent of global emissions today and five times more than our estimate of the emissions from these technologies in 2020." The authors base this on ICT's application to the broader economy, projecting that the gains of internal deployment (Green ICT) will be outweighed by ICT's overall global growth. (This article is also available as an MP3 download.)

More on Computing's Contribution to Telework

Cisco's most recent TechwiseTV episode, Redefining the Remote Office, states that 91% of employees do not work in the corporate office and the number of branch offices is growing at ~11% CAGR. Here are ideas I took away from my preview:

Green ICT Videos

Vertatique has gotten requests for more Green ICT media pieces; here are three recent ones of particular note:
- Google's Power and Green Computing is a strong presentation from July 2008 offering lots of solid data.
- Intel estimates its 8-year Data Center Efficiency Initiative could deliver up to $750 million in NPV.

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