Website Statement of Sustainable Computing

A "Website Statement of Sustainable Computing" tells your stakeholders what you are doing to minimize your website's energy consumption and carbon footprint. Here's a checklist you can use to construct your own statement, followed by a statement example:

Vertatique Action Checklist for reducing my website's carbon footprint:
Minimize energy the energy my website must consume

1. (  ) Use the most energy-efficient servers and other components

2. (  ) Use virtualization to reduce energy consumption / heat generation from idling resources

3. (  ) Reduce non-processing energy consumption (cooling, power distribution, etc.)

Minimize the carbon footprint of the energy my website does consume

4. (  ) Use renewable energy if possible

5. (  ) Use carbon offsets if not

And manage e-waste

6. (  ) Dispose of out-of-service components through an ISO 14001 certified recycler

Example: Vertatique's Website Statement of Sustainable Computing

Update 2009.11.28
Robert Nagle writes about the challenge of getting this information from your hosting service.